Ruby on Rails

An exquisite way to build a web application, powers Twitter, Zendesk, Airbnb and a lot more.


Ruby on Rails

A robust web application framework , it follows a model-view-controller standard providing a default structure for database, web services and web pages. Apart from MVC, it also makes well use of other standards like Convention over Configuration (CoC), Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY), etc.


Sturdy Framework

Rails has one of the most dynamic open source communities and it has gradually evolved into every robust framework over the past decade.


Rails follow convention like REST and MVC which makes your code base fairly regularized. Capybara, RSpec, and other testing tools help us to develop strong applications.

Rapid Development

It gives you the provision of re-usability of modular software packages, hence, time optimization.

Key Advantages


Ruby on Rails web development solutions has an incredible feature of code optimization.


RoR development helps in building the website in such a manner that it can be updated in the future without scratching the entire code.


Ruby on Rails helps in scaling websites to cluster of servers and with millions of page-views in modest budget.

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As developers, we possess expertise in Ruby on Rails and it is the core reason of our vast experience and the impact we have developed on our clients, globally. We had worked right from the ideation to development to support with clients from all around the world.

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Web Falcons can be your ultimate Mark-tech partner for you! We started with our Performance Marketing with them & now they are the reason for our entire Enterprise-Tech Automation
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They really know how to work in tight schedules on agile that too on an offshore augmentation model i.e. the hardest to maintain always!!
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